Slot Games Myths and Superstitions That Help You Win Big

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Slot games are chance-based games. While there is the talk of tight slot machines and loose slot machines, the basic thing when it comes to slot games is that winning depends on chance/luck. Without lady luck visiting you while spinning the reels, the chances are you are not going to win any substantial amount of money.

It is therefore important to focus less on seeking slot playing skills but rather focusing more on myths and superstitions. Why you would ask. Let’s face it, there is no skill required in slots so why not give superstitions a chance? If some used superstitions to record huge wins in the past certainly you can be lucky next time. Once you finish reading the following myths and superstitions, head straight to and play a slot game of your choice, you may just be lucky!

Hot Coins

Many people believe that you instantly increase your chances of winning a slot game when you use a hot coin to wager. For this reason, you may have noticed many people rubbing their coins before placing them inside the slot machine. Whether it works or not, rubbing a coin won’t do you any harm, so try your luck, the hot coin might just reward you with a hot jackpot!

Play Standing Up

Almost all casinos provide you with a chair when playing at a slot machine. It’s advisable though (according to superstition) not to use this chair. Rather, spin the reels while standing up. We can only assume that this has something to do with you being comfortable. A losing streak while sited will inject you with fear but if you play while standing up, it’s easy to just move away from the machine if you go on a losing streak.

Touching the Wilds

Slot games that come with wild symbols almost always reserve the biggest payouts to the wilds. It is for this reason that many gamers prefer landing wild combinations over any other combination as they know the reward which comes with such a combination. Players have always believed that to land the wild combinations, you need to touch/tap the wilds that appear on the reels even when only one wild pop up.

Lucky Charms

We all have heard of tales of lucky charms, especially during our early years as toddlers but if you want to become a good slots player (at least according to superstitions) you need to revisit those tales as lucky charms play a huge role in you winning or losing a slot game. There are different lucky charms, some use rabbits’ feet, some use family photos and others statues of Buddha among many others. Just choose your lucky charm and carry it to the casino every time you want to play.

Front Door

Superstition says that players who want to win big in slot games mustn’t use the front door when entering the casino. Rather use the back door or any other entrance available bar the front door. This superstition hails from Asia where it’s believed that once you enter using the front door, you lose all your luck at the door and you will go on to lose every game you play inside the casino.

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