Online Poker is Proliferating in Denmark!

Until recently poker was mainly played in Las Vegas or at casinos in general. But a

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couple of years ago new technology made it possible to play poker online. Online poker was not a immediate success, but it has slowly grown in popularity.

Today it is without doubt the most popular online game and it is played all over the world. It has become a industry, which turn over millions of dollars each year.

Online poker is peaking in Denmark at this very moment. It has never been more popular. Opposite live poker all types of people play online poker. Young women as well as old men – poker is a game for everyone. For instance the winner of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) in November 2008 was not a archetypical poker player. The winner was the 22 years old Peter Eastgate from Denmark. He won the vast amount of $ 9.245.611!

In the wake of the popularity of online poker a range of similar online games has emerged, such as online bingo. Bingo is easier to play, but just as exiting and fun.


A short introduction to online poker and bingo.

You have five cards dealt from 52 card deck of ordinary playing cards. Even though it is possible to play several different types of poker you always get five cards. Some of the games give the player more than five cards to select from.

In brief the players bet the amount of money they want in the beginning of the game and then they bet more each time they get more cards. The player which ends up with the best five cards takes it all. If a player has really bad cards and do not want to bet anymore he can “fold” his hands. In that way he capitulates and loses all the previous bets in the game.

Poker is in general rather easy to learn to play, but quite difficult to play well. But once you get started you get caught up on it and you do not want to stop.

Bingo does not need a in-depth description, because it does not differ much from how it is played in real life. The player get one or more game boards and hopefully the right numbers will be announced. You can play online bingo free or bet money. is a Danish site, which concentrates on a wide range of aspects concerning online poker, bingo, backgammon and online skill games in general. This is the place if you still have not got your own poker career started. The site provides a broad introduction to online poker. You can make yourself suited for online poker in just a couple of hours with thorough manuals in the basic rules, the different types of poker, tricks and stuff like that.

If you still do not feel fully prepared for playing you can read about which movies you should watch. keeps you updated on Danish as well as international poker news on a daily basis.

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Article by Kerry

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