Master Blackjack Strategies to Win Lots of Cash

Master Blackjack

Learn to Play Like a Professional

Blackjack rightfully is regarded as the most player-friendly card game due to the low house advantage. When you play properly, the house only has a half-percent advantage against you.

The low house advantage makes blackjack the best game to learn if you want to stand the best chance of winning consistently and making your bankroll grow.

Depending on the table you are playing, your blackjack game might use anywhere from one to eight decks, to thwart card counting. Although card counting is legal, virtually all casinos will ban you if they catch you counting cards.

To win fairly and not get trespassed by your favorite casinos, it’s best to master some of the basics of blackjack and learn some of the more advanced plays.

Don’t Worry about Getting a Blackjack

Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to come as close to 21 as possible to win at blackjack. Doing so, though, can lead to big mistakes and lost money.

The best way to win at blackjack is to remember you only have to beat the dealer’s hand. Upon the initial deal, it’s best to assume the dealer has a card worth 10 points in the hold.

If you have a nine and your hold card is worth 10 points or 11,  you should stand.

Generally, any time you have at least 17 points on the initial deal, you should stand. That forces the dealer to take a card, if the dealer has less than 16 points, and gives you a good chance of winning.

When the dealer has a low card showing, you could stand on even lower numbers, if you think the dealer likely will have to take another card. If the dealer has a lower card showing, he or she always will draw, which might force the dealer to bust.

Always Split 8’s and Aces

From time to time, you will get two cards of the same value on the initial deal, and that gives you the option of splitting them. Splitting cards gives you another chance to win on the same deal and could give you two wins because you are playing two hands against the dealer’s one.

Whenever you are dealt two aces, you always split them for the best chance to win both hands.

Likewise, you always should split a pair of 8’s. A pair of 8’s is worth only 16 points, which is easy for the dealer to beat.

The reason why you should always split 8’s is to give you the best chance to get at least 18 points and possibly 19 when you get cards worth 10 or 11 points on the subsequent deal.

That gives you the best chance to turn a nearly certain loser into a pair of hands that could at least give you one win, and possibly two against the dealer.

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