A Winning BlackJack Betting System – Does It Exist?

You can bet that, pardon the pun, that has been introduced since the first game, there was someone there to try, it is very likely to turn in their favor with a betting system. Unfortunately, in our time, these casinos are increasingly good and eliminate the advantage these systems give the user, but it seems that new systems are created almost daily, but Paris systems really work?

blackjack betting system

In the game in question, blackjack, there are many tactics in Paris if they can be used appropriately in the right situations for serious players for profit.

#1. Martingale System

The most famous of all systems, while the serious blackjack player or players no doubt have heard of it. Basically includes the Martingale system the player doubles your bet every time you lose. For example, I can bet $ 5 per hand, and if I win, I still have a $ 5 bet if I continue to earn $ 5 per side. If I lose, I can put $ 10, $ 20, and keep doubling the bet until I win and a $ 5 profit each hand is fixed.

#2. Paroli system

This is essentially the opposite of the Martingale system and by some as a better alternative, you do not chase losses that the preponderance of winning streaks. As understood, the Paroli betting system involves doubling your bet wins every time, and you can choose to stop when you feel your luck is over!

Both systems are very simple and easy, players and more professional functions, including myself are using complex systems to Paris more opportunities and benefits of home to remove.

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