Tips and Strategy for Blackjack

online-blackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular casino games around, with millions upon millions of players globally.

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Blackjack features in many films, documentaries and is often maligned as easy to beat. Often movies show clever characters counting cards or winning over staff with a winning smile and sleight of hand tricks. The truth is that most casinos take active measures to prevent cheating or card counting, and even when you play blackjack online attempting to beat any dealer will be extremely difficult! The best tip of all is: learn to play the game well!

One or more standard decks of cards are used for each game, although some cards may have been removed first as a counter measure to card counting. Be aware of this!

Each player as well as the croupier is dealt two cards, which may be dealt face up or down depending on the game played. At least one of the dealer’s cards is usually upturned. It is generally agreed that the best results are achieved by assuming that the dealer has at least one 10, as they make up one third of the whole pack!

The aim of the game is to total as near to 21 as possible, and each card is worth its face value. A queen, king or jack are worth 10, with an ace being the highest card at 11 points. Each player hopes for a total nearer to 21 than the dealers cards, without passing 21. If the total is more than 21, the player is ‘bust’ and loses his bet. The ideal first hand is double ace, ‘blackjack’ or ‘two card 21’. Remember that for the player, the real aim is to win more money than he bet, and to walk away with it in his pocket! Don’t be tempted to reinvest every single time you win!

If a two card 21 in the first hand doesn’t beat the dealers, the original bet will be returned. Depending on

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the game it may be possible to split a hand, or split a pair of cards from the same suit, this depends on where you are playing, and how. Online blackjack often has different rules, and it is worth reading them in every new place that you play.

Betting takes place before each hand, and blackjack usually pays at a rate of 3 to 2, which means that a bet of £5 will return £7.50 on a two card 21. Usually though, there is no double ace handout and each player must choose whether to ‘stick’ with what he has, be ‘hit’ with another card from the deck or resign from the game. In games where the player’s cards are only visible to himself, the croupier is normally obliged to keep ‘hitting’ or dealing another card upon request up to an astonishing 16 cards!

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