The Signs of a Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive Gambling

Seeing the symptoms of a compulsive gambler

A compulsive gambler is a person so obsessed with gambling that he cannot defy his urge to gamble. The urge is so unbearable to control that the only way to relieve it is to gamble more and more. This obsession can lead from bad to harmful consequences not just personally but also socially. Here are some signs of a compulsive gambler.

One sign is that a compulsive gambler has continuous thoughts about gambling. He talks gambling, and even breathes gambling. He is so preoccupied with gambling that his word of mouth is gambling, gambling and more gambling. He often talks to anybody who is willing to lend their ear so that he could brag about his next strategy and his winnings.

Another sign would be that he will always find himself having the urge to gamble for more. He may not be gambling for the huge prizes most of the time, but does it just for the thrill and excitement. He usually wastes a lot of time gambling than what he intended to do. When the compulsive gambler can’t control his urge to gamble, he becomes irritated and restless in attempting to stop or minimize his gambling spree. Unluckily for him, the only way to stop his compulsive

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gambling is to gamble more.

Third sign that a compulsive gambler shows is his ability to lie. To hide his bad habit, he tells lies to his friends and family. When he is confronted, he doesn’t confirm that he has a problem. If one pursues the issue him, he becomes vicious. As time goes by, telling a lie would be a part of his life.

Furthermore, he depends on other people’s help in his dreadful financial situation. He regularly loans money from friends and relatives to support his problems financially. Also, mortgages and life insurance are cashed in. And when all these fail, he will result to crimes such as theft and fraud. This will lead to a destructive behavior.

Compulsive Gambler

Careers and relationships are now at risk of falling down. After gambling, he will feel tremendous remorse and shame. Suicide is now in his thoughts because he feels so helpless in his fragile situation. His personality will change as well. He will become manipulative, critical, controlling and argumentative at times. All of his hobbies and activities will have of no interest to him anymore. Then, when asked about where he has been, he will give puny excuses just so as not to get caught and gets withdrawn from significant others. The only way to solve his problem is more gambling for him. Even for special and holiday events, instead of enjoying it, he will rather spend his time gambling.

These are just some the tell tale signs of a compulsive gambler. It is very difficult to prevent and it is unlikely to happen that it can be stopped. Those who are at risk of having compulsive gambling must seek counseling to help control their urges. People who have relatives who are compulsive gamblers should be wary because they are at risk too.

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