Monty’s Millions at Betfair Arcade

When playing slot machines, many players enjoy machines that let them depart from reality a bit and enter into whatever world is featured in the game. The most appealing of course are more opulent themes including those of simply being a millionaire. For this reason, the slot machine game, Monty’s Millions has become one of the most popular Slot Games at Betfair Arcade. With a name like Monty’s Millions, who wouldn’t want to play!

Monty’s Millions is a video slot machine comprised of five reels forming 40 paylines. Players like this slot for its potential to pay out big. The top award for this game is £250,000. The wild symbol in the game is the Monty’s Millions symbol. When these wild symbols are stacked, they can replace other symbols to form winning combinations. These can trigger some substantial winnings.betfairarcade

The Vault Safe is the scatter symbol in this game. It does not have to appear on an enabled payline in order to win. These symbols only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. In order for the Vault Safe scatter symbol to create winning combinations, three of them must appear. When this occurs, the Free Spin Bonus Round game is activated. Players are given five free spins. The wheels feature more scatter symbols and wild symbols during the bonus round than during normal play. This means the potential for winning is significantly increased. Additional free spins can be awarded when three Vault Safe Symbols appear. Five spins are awarded. This bonus can be triggered again up to a limit of 255 free spins during one bonus session.

In the game of Monty’s Millions, there are 10 different regular symbols. These would include six that represent playing cards: ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine. The other four symbols are a mansion, Rolls Royce, gold bars and pounds.

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