How to Master the Art of Bluffing in Playing Poker

There are many gambling enthusiasts that claim that they are good at bluffing whenever they play poker in a casino, but much is yet to be learned from reading what is known as a Poker Face. A live game is different from an online experience and sites that teach how to play video poker can help you gain a leverage in winning.

In playing poker, one must be adept at analyzing number combinations and set patterns. A deck of cards usually consists of 52 pieces, and the variations are limitless. The odds are high and the chances of actually winning with a great set of hand is far-fetched. But not all of us have the patience or interest to deal with math and statistics. Luck, therefore, is a big part of the equation.

Poker Bluffing

Mind games is also an integral part when you play video poker. Winning in this kind of game requires a player to understand their rivals’ thoughts, anticipate their next move and hide your own moves by cloaking your emotions. It is a deal breaker in a live game to show gladness when you have a winning hand or express disbelief when your odds are slim. Just remember not to give it all away just like that. There should always be a mystery to everything you do to achieve mastery.

One way to master the art of bluffing in poker is by starting to play the game online. Since the internet is a vast resource, it is advisable that one should check for game reviews and base the criteria on the size of the room, frequent players and whether if it is a free or paying game site. You don’t have to deal with a poker face because you don’t get to see each other but it does not mean the tension goes down. It gets much more difficult as it seems.

Finding the best video poker is not a tedious task, it is the sustaining interest to remain that is challenging. You can enjoy some of the best free video poker games at You learn to hone your poker skills and at the same time enjoy a good game without the stress of putting up a bluff all the time. If you are up for a challenge, you can try your luck and go play poker with Phil Ivey, a WSOP champ like no other. He has been playing regularly online recently. This is a chance to boast that you can be at par with a master like him.

The online experience does not fully replace the actual experience of playing poker with a bunch of friends on a dinner table on Friday night, but one thing that is true is that it enhances the social spectrum of your love for the game. May it be as a hobby or playing for money it is evident that when you play poker online, it is a wholly refreshing experience. As poker game developers get creative to make updates on creating a simulated game that would hook gambling enthusiasts to ask for more, the future of such games are improving with time.

The inclusion of a video poker bonus is an additional factor why non-gamers are getting on the bandwagon to play online. The lack of facial features in a poker match on the internet is the best mask that you can employ to set up strategies on when to call or fold.

Mastering these different tips and tricks of poker is achievable by countless games and perfecting the blank slate look, but being natural and comfortable with yourself is what matters in the end. Start by practicing on free websites first before venturing on high stakes or friendly games. The challenge is good enough for one to learn the value of each hand combination and the correct timing of all the moves that you would do. Intimidation is a key factor too.

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