How to Become Casino Games As a Professional

Some stories about milking Casino professional player, before the publication of many basic blackjack strategy in 1958.

Some stories about players who were like a professional, before the announcement of the package of basic strategy game Americans Cantey, McDermott, Maisel and Baldwin hotel in1958. But

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all this was preceded by another legend. Four statistical calculations performed a one hand calculator to help you. However, it was a publication in the American Journal of the American Statistical Association to cause much excitement among players and statistics, and the gang have decided to co-player game is likely to win. Inspired by the popularity of the magazine article, copied and learned by heart many of the players, organizers released the book “Winning Blackjack”. Today, the limited edition of this book, and it enriches the library houses a number of professional players.

1962 Edward Thorp is currently using computer technology to calculate and publish his book Beat plays the purchase, not just a key strategy, card counting. Thorp said that the gang is different from roulette, casino craps and other games, good luck, but on the hand which caused the gang belong to the previous deal – it is very important that the card is pulled back in game form original was. Most of the things to be more precise calculation of Thorp, but should all the players must read this book, but today only historical significance.


THORP system was known as “10 Count System” one of the game package, which was successful in all Nevada casinos. It was very difficult to learn, so many players is up. However, Nevada’s casinos be limited by certain rules, such as doubling down only 11 points. The media told the world about it, and Thorp and his book known worldwide, and casinos that have shown themselves in a worse position had to return to the previous rules. To achieve such circumstances, the counter card, the crowd will be trying to overcome the house, gambling house operators into two processes – a determination to erect a complete and shuffling cards games.

THORP system that was very difficult to implement in practice. But computer conference in Las Vegas in 1963, this game should stay the same level. On

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a whim, decided the event organizers to include group meeting on “using computers and games of chance and skill.” It was just the whims of the organizers of the chapter on “Use of computers and gaming skills. Thorp appointed Chairman of the Experts Group and various games including casino blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Room full of computers and the edge of the players. The hundreds of participants the conference was pushing and shoving to enter the room.

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