How to Avoid Gambling Scams

Things people should do to avoid gambling scams.

Gambling is the most famous and oldest scam ever known to man. Not only is it a scam but it can be considered to be a game of deception. Studies confirm that around 6% of adults who are caught up in gambling are greatly obsessed with what they term as a “past time.” Those who are over-passionate or even obsessed have a feeling that won’t stop them from betting to almost anything and everything. It could range from horse racing, card games and in the casino or maybe all of them. And it doesn’t stop there, the betting games seems to increase in number.

Gambling scams can now be seen everywhere. People are attracted to the large signs in billboards that offer huge winnings. This is because they like to earn money fast and the easiest way possible. As a matter of fact, gamblers spend most of their time having hopes of winning that’s why they don’t quit so easily in playing the game.

Statistics shows that problems in gambling can occur easily if one has no control over self impulses. The person must make way to identify that they have a problem in order for it to be given a solution immediately.


Below are lists of questions to ask yourself if you have some problems.

  • After losing your money in gambling, big or small amount, do you feel regret or some bitterness?
  • If you win in a game, do you have the feeling to win and want money more so you want to play the game again?
  • Or if after losing, do you have the urge to go back and play again?
  • Have you spent a lot of time gambling that you did not intend on doing?
  • When you are having problems, do you gamble to escape them?
  • Do you spend less time in work and a lot of time in gambling?
  • Do you only stop gambling until every last money that you have is gone?
  • Do conflicts arise with your family and friends as a result for the urge to gamble?
  • Do you loan money from your friends or relatives or family
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Severely obsessed gamblers can result in a harsh behavior. The reputation of their friends, family and self is at danger of falling apart and this problem is often not seen or is refused to be seen by the person. 75% of women from the age of thirty and up are escape gamblers, meaning they gamble in order to escape boredom, problems, or just even to pass time. These kinds of gamblers can be treated within a period of 3 to 6 months.

A more difficult to deal is an action gambler. Men are usually affected by this. The reason why they are difficult to deal is that when are confronted they do not accept that they have the problem and

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that gambling for them is like having cocaine in their system. They will only stop and realize the problem if all of their money is gone.

As many more scams are being invented in gambling, more people are also being hook on them. The reason for that is mainly money. The gravest reason of them all is the feeling that you are in heaven when a person gambles. They wouldn’t mind if they are just being scammed that’s why offline gambling still lives on today.

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