Four Reasons Live Dealer Games are a Better Bet

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The buzzwords around the online casino industry for the last 12 months have been “live dealer games.” Thanks to developments in web streaming and RFID technology, it’s now possible to connect real dealer with virtual players in a seamless way.

Of course, for those in the know, live dealer technology has been around for a while; however, things really took a big step forward in 2015. Higher quality streams, more games and more accessible technology meant that the genre became big businesses for casino operators around the world.

Indeed, from emerging operators such as Smart Live to established industry players jumping on the live dealer bandwagon, the medium is now the hottest things in iGaming.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the top four reasons why live dealer casino games are a better bet for you as a player:

More Entertainment


Virtual casino games are great for speed and efficiency, but there’s no denying they lack a certain something when it comes to all-round entertainment. A quirky tune in the background and some slick animations are great, but casino gaming has always been about the dynamic between the player, the dealer and the odds.

Live dealer casino tables recapture this dynamic and, therefore, make the games more entertainment. In fact, because the games have a certain air of unpredictability about them, it makes them a more entertaining prospect than their virtual counterparts.

More Engagement

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As you’d expect, live dealer tables also offer a more engaging experience because you can actually talk to the dealer. When you log into a platforms such as Smart Live and load up one of the live dealer games, the people standing in front of you are not only trained to oversee the game but talk to players.

Each time you join the table, the dealers will greet you, strike up a conversation and generally do everything they can to make you feel a part of the game whether you’re winning or losing.

More Variety

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As technology has improved, live dealer games have become more numerous. Indeed, when you visit online casinos, their range of games is now almost as extensive as the virtual offerings they house.

Whether you’re looking for live blackjack, real roulette or a friendly face staring back at your while you’re playing baccarat, casino Hold’em or dice games, live dealer games give you that next level of engagement.

More Safety


In line with all online casino games, live dealer tables are extremely safe and secure. Because RFID chips relay all the information back to the system where it’s logged and verified, these tables are just as safe as any other in the virtual arena.

However, what these tables do offer in contrast to virtual games is that there is a face in front of you. Even when you know a random number generator is dealing the cards in a virtual game, there is always a sense of uncertainty because you can’t see anything.

With live dealer games this isn’t the case. Because the action takes places in front of your eyes, there’s no reason to feel as though something untoward is happening. Having the ability to put a face to the game has made a lot of sceptics feel more at ease and that’s helped the medium flourish in recent months. In fact, it’s one of the many reasons it will continue to flourish throughout 2016.

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