Clearing an Online Poker Bonus

Poker Bonus

You know how to get online poker bonuses — they’re available all over the Internet. However, what’s the best way to clear it? How do you optimize the task of getting that extra money out of the bonus account and into your real money bankroll?

In the early days of poker room bonuses, players could only clear the funds through cash game play. Play the required number of raked hands and get the bonus. Tournament players were out of luck.

Currently, many sites do allow you to clear your bonus by playing poker in tournaments. These sites calculate bonus clearing the same way they calculate player points, so both cash games and tournaments count towards the total. Before you start trying to earn credit toward your bonus through playing tournaments, find out if the site allows this practice.

Some players see bonus clearing as an opportunity to move up in limits. They figure even if they go on a losing streak that the bonus will make up for it. However, you really should only move up in limits if you are ready to do so.

You can clear the bonus just as quickly by playing your current limit. What you don’t want is to deplete your bankroll at a higher limit before you clear the bonus. If this happens, you will have to deposit more money so that you can release the bonus in the time allotted.

Once the bonus money is finally in your account, be sensible with it. It is not “House money,” it is your money and should be defended with the same care and

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