Blackjack – Apply The Rules and Strategy


Few games can match the genuine strategic and skill responsiveness of blackjack – a fact replicated with the online version of the game. What’s more, even novice and casual casino players can use strategic moves to take their gaming fun and rewards on a upward curve……

Apply the blackjack rules:-

The keys to playing online blackjack with strategic intent is to make the right hit, double down and split moves. The kind of blackjack rules that you’ll need to use against the dealer are shown below. In fact, if you’re a real novice these 4 tips are a good starting point that will help you start playing with some structure and discipline:

* Hit to create hands worth 17+ or soft 18, when the house-up is 7 or less
* Hit if the casino’s up card is a 6 or less and your hand is 12 or larger
* Double Down 10 or 11 combos against the casino’s up 9 or less
* Split aces and 8’s

In addition to reducing the advantage of the house over you, blackjack strategy is actually really fun – especially once you’re up to speed and able to play off the cuff like a Vegas pro – well, almost!

Once you’ve mastered the ridiculously easy tips above then progress to finding yourself a full online blackjack strategy sheet (freely available on the web). Although even a full basic strategy won’t smash the online casino edge, it will limit it very nicely when applied accurately over the long run. Use the following strategy gambling tips to boost your chances:

> Use level stakes to try and gain the full advantage of strategic online blackjack
> Use a credit size equal to something like 0.5% of your bankroll – safe gaming!
> Play a high number of rounds to assess strategic blackjack results – not a few random sessions!
> Play strategic blackjack regularly to gain genuine results

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