Benefits of Gambling

Some benefits that a person can get in gambling.

People get embarrassed when they are named as a gambler because the label is a dishonor and it will hunt them forever. Several reasons push people to gamble, such as to have fun, to escape problems, to earn huge bucks and so on. Almost all of us find the reasons for gambling as being bad, but as you know there are unknown benefits that gambling has on a person and the society as well in which they are not seen in gambling areas.

One benefit of gambling is that it gives employment. In Las Vegas, 60% of the employment is due to presence of casinos and gambling. So what if we close all of those casinos? Well, you know the answer. A lot of people will lose their jobs.

Another benefit of gambling is being a part of entertainment. For it to be an entertainment only, one must have self – discipline. This is for the reason that other people could not move on with their losing streak and as a result they always think that the next to be drawn card would reclaim their money. But that’s not the case in gambling. These kinds of gamblers are only one – fourth of the total gambling population who are not gambling responsibly.

The other 75% are those who gamble with responsibility. These are people who really take gambling as an entertainment and never get blinded by the false promise that winning is always the key to becoming rich.

The bad news is only a small percent of people who gamble get the idea that being obsessed with gambling can lead to a severe unwanted consequences. Crime and deception may result with this consequence and those who suffer are our friends, families and reputation. The good news is it is only a small percent in the gambling population.

Moving on, gambling can also benefit the charity sector. Huge game winnings have provided support financially for those charities that have a cause to help other people who are need. Examples for these are the games bingo and lottery jackpots. A small amount of the winnings for these games are given to charity work. Even celebrities show their talent, like in poker, to entertain people and donate their winnings to the charity of their choice.

Lastly, gambling gives benefit to promote a good health. According to studies, retirees from the age of 65 and up have shown little or no health issues like depression and alcoholism. They find gambling a therapeutic exercise and a way to keep their thinking minds healthy. However, the study was inconclusive. This is because the retiree gamblers are recreational gamblers. It means that they are those who gamble purely for entertainment. Thus, they are normally healthy to start with.

In conclusion, we should not blame gambling to cause good or bad effects on us. But, we should let ourselves rule gambling and not let gambling rule us.

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