A Viable Living Can Be Made From Poker

If you are someone that started playing with fake money or candy with their parents, this might come as a bit of a shock to you, but you can make money playing poker. Players with exceptional skill and exceptional talent will be able to play professionally either online or by playing live poker, and both of these have their pros and cons. However, playing poker for a living can be very hit and miss for some people who do not know how to manage their money effectively or have just started playing and don’t have the experience for when it all goes wrong.

Online or Live Poker

Both of these games have their pros and cons. Over the years live poker has become a lot easier, whereas online poker has a lot more people playing a lot more serious.

Live poker is more sociable an activity, but does have some serious downsides. You could be waiting a while in between hands, which would lower what is effectively your hourly wage. You’re also most likely playing in an unhealthy environment that could attribute to bad posture and bad eating habits depending on where you choose to play.

Online Poker is a lot harder than live poker as people are beginning to realize. Depending on where you play and how serious you play, you can make a lot of money through online poker. On the downsides though is that it is very hard to be sociable through playing poker. While you are meeting people all the time with live poker, online poker might prove the opposite effect and it can be a very lonely, isolating and sober affair if you don’t balance poker with real life.

Being Prepared

This is one of the bigger issues for those that begin to go professional with poker, they don’t have the financial capabilities to be prepared should something go wrong.

One of the best suggestions is to have 3-4 months’ worth of living expenses hidden away in reserve. This could be in a bank or even a secret hiding place, but make sure you have it on hand. If you fall or ill or are in a serious accident, this can be the difference between surviving and having to find a job and go back to poker part time.  This is a very important step that people might not look at as essential, but as long as you have that money there, you can have some peace of mind; especially if you have a big loss that you might not be able to recover from.

Another thing that I see when people look to go pro is that they have not budgeted correctly. Many might start off playing poker online or in poker rooms as more of a part-time job while keeping a job on the side. This is the best plan at first, but if you begin making more money from poker than from your full time job, than you can make the decision. Be sure that you know your expenses and know what it will take to cover them each month before going into it. Sure, you might know it, but seeing it written down can change even the most stubborn minds.

It’s Not Going To Be Easy

For those looking at playing poker professionally and making money from it, make sure you remember that it is not easy. It will feel like a grind, especially when playing online. You have risked a lot to get to this point and with it all, you are risking even more. Know the effects that playing poker can have on your mentally band be sure to combat them effectively.

Playing a life of professional poker can involve a lot of decision making and most of them will be important decisions, but doing so can leave you happier than you have ever been. If you have played hundreds of thousands of games of online poker and you feel you can do it for a full time job. But remember, for every success story of someone becoming a millionaire, there is also players still stuck in the daily grind, playing for their livelihood and you might fall on either side of that measuring stick.

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