3 Steps to collecting the Top Party Poker Bonus

party poker bonus code

After well over a decade in business, Party Poker remains one of the world’s top online poker sites. Because of their popularity, Party features some of the biggest tournaments, cash games and promotions in the industry. So you can’t go wrong by playing your online poker here. And if you do choose to play at Party, you’ll definitely want to get the top bonus available. As we’ll discuss below, this includes using a certain Party Poker bonus code and taking a few other steps.

  1. Sign up and use the Correct Code while depositing

Okay, pretty standard here in that you must sign up and make a deposit to qualify for the signup bonus. But when doing so, you should use the “PKR500” bonus code. Sure there are other codes available, however, this is the best one because it makes you eligible for a 100% up to $500 bonus + $25 free. The free $25 is given upfront, meaning you can immediately use it in real money cash games and tournaments at Party. It’s also recommended that you sign up through PokerStop.com because then your bonus offer won’t expire.

  1. Learn the Bonus Requirements

While the $25 might be available right away, the rest of it must be earned on the real money tables. At Party, it takes 8 points to unlock every $1 of the bonus. Going further, you must collect 2 points for every dollar raked in tournaments or cash games. Do the simple math and that means you only need to rake $4 to unlock each one of your bonus dollars. The industry standard usually involves raking $10 for every bonus dollar, which is more than double what Party is asking you to do.

  1. Start playing to earn your Bonus

It can’t get any simpler than this: play poker and unlock free money! To illustrate how this would work, let’s assume that you deposit $500; you’d need 4,000 points to unlock the entire bonus, or $2,000 in total rake. Now, this might sound like a daunting task to the average recreational player. But remember that those who sign up through PokerStop don’t have an expiration date placed on their reward. So this means that you can take as long as you’d like to earn all of the money. And this is just one more reason to go after the Party Poker bonus.

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Article by Kerry

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